Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feeling Lucky

It's a beautiful day today . . . a little windy, but beautiful none the less. So after lunch, I escaped on a short hike with Mac. That's the thing with spring (and summer), I ditch work for an hour here or two hours there. Since I'm not a slave to the clock (or a boss), it's easy to escape on stress relieving jaunts. I don't work an 8-hour day. Being self-employed means I work much more than the traditional 8 hours. So in the end, I don't feel so guilty taking the middle of the day breaks!

Today, while Mac was happily running with his stick, I stopped to investigate some mounds of clover. We used to always do it as kids, but I never found a 4-leaf clover. My sister (and my mom sometimes) can just be walking along and spot 4-leaf clovers. Me? I have to sit down and inspect ever inch of the mound. And still no 4-leaf clover. Today must be my lucky day, because I found THREE . . . count 'em . . . THREE 4-leaf clovers!

Feeling lucky, I decided to purchase a lottery ticket while I dropping packages off at the Post Office. I hope my luck holds out. I would be excited to win even a little bit of money. Keeping my fingers crossed . . .

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