Thursday, June 18, 2009

She'll Go Anywhere With You

Just sharing some photos of my newest listing, Tropical Reef. I was very happy with how this one turned out. The colors - coralish red, golden tangerine and rosy pink - are super brilliant in the sunshine. You can click over to my Etsy shop (expressionsinsilk) for more photos and more info.

She is a hand painted silk sarong that will go with you most anywhere. She loves to go to the beach because she knows she looks smoking hot . . . and she loves to be stared at! She'll even go to the pool with you, but she doesn't like to get it. Chlorine and other chemicals are deadly to her.

She loves nothing more than wrapping herself around you (as a dress or skirt) and going out on the town. Whether it's dancing or shopping, she'll have a blast. She not all about the wild nightlife. She also loves to compliment your little black dress by draping herself around your shoulders, and spending a quiet evening with that special someone or close friends.

Sometimes she just likes to hang out at home, preferably decorating a piece of furniture or a blank wall.

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