Monday, July 27, 2009

Early Morning Beading Not A Good Idea

Seriously, how can one little 4mm bicone crystal hide so well? While working on a beaded scarf pendant early this morning, I flipped that little sucker across the room. Usually, when it hits the floor, it will bounce a couple of times then roll to a stop -- most often in the most obscure place imaginable.

This morning, this one did not hit the floor so it was anyone's guess as to where it actually ended up. Since it was my last one in that color - and it was desperately needed in the design - I spent the next 30 minutes crawling the floor (just in case this was the one time it did not bounce and roll) looking for it. After another 30 minutes checking every little nook and cranny, I found it in the box where all the other 4mm bicone crystals live. Should have checked there first!

Good news for those of you that like the hand painted silk scarflettes (or mini scarves) with beaded scarf pendants -- more are coming to the shop soon! Swarovski crystals and hand painted silks . . . what a great combo!!!

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