Thursday, August 6, 2009

Escape To Exuma

If only I could escape right now. Only two days into my "me time" and I've already been pushed off the wagon! Didn't get any me time today and my head's about ready to explode . . . and I cannot find even a smidgen of chocolate in this house.

Tomorrow, I'm doubling up on my me time. Enough about me.

How about a little look at one of my newest silks? I call her Escape To Exuma, and if you read about her [click on the picture] you'll know why! Basically, the colors of the silk remind me of my little adventure there several years ago. Unfortunately it was not for vacation, but for work -- a site inspection for a reality based travel adventure. Wow, those were the days. Back in the day, I was heavily into (meaning work that I loved) the incentive travel industry.

I wish I could find a way to combine that dream job with my current love (and life) of silk painting. That would be my utopia!

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