Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shopping Hell

After ten years, I felt it was time to retire my swimsuit. I hate to give up my pretty blues and greens (think sea opal), but with the slowing disintegrating fabric . . . You get the picture.

Shopping for a swimsuit is pure hell. We all know about the terrible lighting and the 'up close and personal' mirrors in the dressing rooms. We all deal with that. I also deal with the fact that, unless I'm willing to pay a small fortune, it is next to impossible to find a swimsuit -- and I'm talking one-piece as I do not complement a two-piece -- in a flattering color. Black seems to always be the color of choice for most swimsuit designers. And, I do not do black. I am a color person. You can take a look at what I paint and tell that I am a color person.

After countless stores (too many to recall), I finally found one that covered the girls (that's another problem I have with swimsuits) and had absolutely no black. None. Nada. Zilch. And, I got it for song!

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