Friday, September 4, 2009

A Spicy Showing

Some of my fall silks came off the steamer Wednesday, and I'm so very happy with the results. Well, except for one. Her colors are rich and yummy . . loving the copper and burgundy colors . . . but she is the sole victim of a little steaming mishap. Thankfully, everything else came out perfect.

The problem? Small areas on the back side (the non-shiny side) along the rolled hem edge are too pale. Too pale meaning some of the color steamed out. I have no idea how it happened. My guess? She evidently touched the side of the steamer . . . it was a windy day. Until fully steam-set, even the smallest, tiniest droplet of water (or condensation) is damaging.

She is still very lovely. I would even say beautiful, but I'm biased. I listed her as a flub because of her tiny flaw. Just because she's not "Miss America" beautiful, she's still got a great personality. Plus, she's loyal and will do everything within her power to make you look great!

P.S. Want stats? Click on the picture.

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