Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting To Know Me

Since I'm just starting out, I thought it would be best to have a little 'get to know me' session.

Back in the day (almost 20 years ago), I was introduced to silk painting on the beach in Ixtapa. At the time, I was a GO with Club Med and was only able to devote little pockets of time learning all I could about silk and the amazing things you can do with it. From the beginning, I was hooked. Other mediums never gave me the same feeling of awe that I found with silk.

Once I returned to the real world (as my friends called it), I kept up with painting on silk to feed my creative side. Life (and work) intervened, and I found very little time to devote to my painting. I was working long hours and traveling, leaving practically no time for fun pursuits. Well, life intervened again, and I returned to silk painting with a big smile. Only this time, I decided to build it into a business.

If it's silk . . . I'll paint on it! Mainly, I specialize in scarves, sarongs, wraps/shawls, and dance veils. I do not work from a catalog of designs and color combinations. Instead, I paint whatever makes me happy. In fact, unless I’m working on a custom piece, I usually do not know exactly what I’m going to paint until I start. Each silk is hand painted, making it unique. The beauty of a hand-painted item is that no two pieces are exactly alike.

To learn more about me and my silks, stay tuned . . . or visit me at

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