Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Gift of Silk

So, you ask yourself - what do I get that special someone who has everything? I say, consider silk!

Silk Addicts is a like a subscription for colorful, hand painted silks. But, unlike a magazine subscription, you get to decide how they look . . . plus these will not be tossed in the recycle bin. When purchasing a Silk Addicts, you are giving the gift that keeps on giving. This is a great gift for those crazy about silk! Your loved one will receive a Silk Addicts Color Survey, a ‘wish list’ of color preferences I use as a guideline to create colorful silks. Each month, I will mail a hand painted silk that reflects their color preferences.

The Silk Addicts plan is customizable. You can select from any Silk Addicts plan already listed, or contact me for a plan that fits your (and your loved one’s) needs. You get to decide on as little as 3 months or as long as 12 months. You get to pick the type of silk item-scarves, wraps/shawls, sarongs, ruanas or a combination of these. You get to select the type of silk-habotai, charmeuse, crepe de chine, silk velvet or a combination of these.

Visit me at to see the Silk Addicts plans, and then contact me so we can build the perfect subscription for you and your someone special.

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