Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Tell Me The Truth, I Can Handle It

I'm always full of great ideas. Well, I think they're great ideas, but they don't always turn out quite like I expect. Because I'm low on Swarovski crystals, I had the bright idea of going to the flea market to the 'bead guy' for some lovely crystals. So, I talked with my mom and we decided that we would go. I even planned ahead and called the 'bead guy' to make sure he would be there and that he definitely had crystals this week. "Yeah, I'm here," he informed me. Then, I sweetly asked if he had crystals this week. "Yep, but be here early," was his response. So, our plans were firm. We would go early and get the first pick of the crystals. Flea markets are like garage sales. The earlier you get there, the better.

At way before the crack of dawn this morning, I rolled by lazy, tired butt out of bed to go to the flea market. Back in the day, you would go to a flea market and be there by 7 am at the latest. Anything after 10 am, you might as well just not go because people are packing up or sold out. Well, my mom and I get there around 7:05 am (to be exact) and practically no one is there! What happened to the way things used to be? The bead guy was there, but still setting up his little corner. Not letting that bother us, my mom and I jumped right in and started digging for crystals. Dig, dig, dig. Finally, I came up with 3 tiny packets of crystals. THREE. TINY. PACKETS!

We were the first ones there. There should have been plenty of crystals for us to drool over. We even asked if he had more. "Nope, that's all I got." So, Mr. Bead Guy why didn't you just tell me that on the phone? All that hassle just so I have crystals to make my scarf pendants. From now on, I'll just plan ahead and order from fire mountain gems.
No more bead guy for me!

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