Monday, April 6, 2009

A Little 'Bling' For Your Silk

I love painting on silk, but I also have an addiction to Swarovski crystals. Silk painting is my bread and butter and crystals are my little something on the side. I started using my crystals to make a little bling for my silk scarves. I call them scarf pendants, but they are really like a little bracelet for your scarf. In the past, I've made mini scarves to compliment the crystal scarf pendants, selling them as a set.

Coming soon (maybe even tonight) to my Etsy shop, I will start listing some crystal scarf pendants without the scarf. I'm so excited about this, because now I'll have a valid excuse to buy more crystals! In the near future, I also plan to make matching pieces (rings, earrings, etc.) to my crystal scarf pendants. These will either be listed in my Etsy shop or my sister's (her Etsy shop is beaded jewelry). I'll have to promote my sister one day soon, but I'll need to make sure her shop is ready first!

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