Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing Up Fast

This post was supposed to happen yesterday, but you know how life intervenes sometimes. This post was also going to be by my sister, Denise. After all, it is about her baby being all grown up and the lovely necklace she made for her. But, again life intervened.

Denise, being a beadweaving whiz, created a simple chain and crystal necklace for Hannah (for her prom). She wanted the necklace to complement Hannah and the dress, not compete with it. Starting with a twisted link chain, she incorporated Swarovski bicone crystals in Montana and Silver Shade to create a graceful drop of crystals loosely mirroring the neckline of the dress. I've included several pictures of the necklace and Hannah.

Now, an ode to Hannah. She is, and always will be, the baby of the family. But at 17, she is definitely growing up fast. Hannah is a lively, happy, outgoing, loyal and caring young woman. She is a competitive cheerleader (obviously, the best on the team). She is an outstanding actress (Oscar worthy), although she has no interest in acting. She will tell you what's on her mind. She is a natural blonde bundle of joy that will soon take on the world. She's come a long way from that mischievous little tyke with an aversion to clothes and a hard head. Yes, she does have her faults (don't we all), but I prefer to concentrate on the positive. :)

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