Thursday, May 21, 2009

Out With The Old, In With The New

Memorial Day is just around the corner. Even though summer is officially still a month away (approximately), I view the Memorial Day weekend as a kick-off for summer. And it got me to thinking - "I need to get more sarongs painted!" - and my next thought was - "I need to move out some of my cold/cool weather items!" So, if you check out my Etsy shop, you'll see a sale section that has two of my silk/wool blend scarves. They are deeply discounted for quick sale. Mention this blog and get free shipping too!

Also, I'm painting more silk sarongs (two just came off the steamer) that should be listed by this weekend. Sarongs are most than just a beach cover up. They are a multi-purpose silk item. Yes, they are great as a swimsuit cover up either at the beach or around the pool. But, they are great tied and wrapped as a skirt, a dress or a top. Silk sarongs make a very elegant wall hanging/wall art or window covering. When I worked at Club Med (back in the day), I basically lived in my sarongs. When I was not wearing them, I used them to cover the window in our tiny, tiny room (at least it was by the beach!). I used them for wall art (because our walls were so bare) and I even used them at the beach as a beach towel (although this is not recommended for the silk ones). So, see . . . multi-purpose!

When I find some free time (big laugh), I'll try to put together a post on the many ways to tie/wrap a sarong. Of course, there are a plethora of internet sites with this information, so maybe that would be a wasted effort on my part :)

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