Monday, May 4, 2009

The Spider Irises are in bloom! It's one of my favorite flowers, and it's the most beautiful shade of purple. I snapped this shot this afternoon when I finished photographing some jewelry for my sister. Last spring, I painted a silk scarf in this purple with some foliage green. It was awesome . . . I know, I'm biased!

Purple and green are two colors that I enjoy combining on silk. Every shade from a blue purple and kelly green to a red-purple (magenta) and emerald, it is a popular color combination and sells quickly. Although my all-time favorite color is turquoise, I love purple and green, too. One of my favorite combinations is turquoise, purple and kelly green - I even made it my company colors. Another favorite color combination is turquoise and sunshine yellow, but that's another story.

Now that my silk has arrived, I think I'll put the color combo on my to-do list!

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