Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strawberries, Muscadine & Bluebirds

I'm noshing on some strawberries as I write today. Chocolate was my first choice, but I decided on the healthier snack - fresh strawberries. I like my strawberries one way - straight from the field. Not smothered in sugar, or baked in pies, or in dumplings, or snuggled up to pound cake. Just plain strawberries with their natural sweetness. But this little batch (from the local fruit market) is extremely tart. I may have to search some chocolate out, after all.

Today I listed Muscadine. She's . . . unique. Her colors are a deep magenta and deep sapphire that appears almost purplish in some areas. I had a bit of an adventure while photographing her (and some others) this morning.

As I've mentioned before, I photograph my silks outside. I set up Daisy (she's my "model") in a prime location to take advantage of the extremely overcast morning sky. It just happened to be right by a bluebird house. (We have three bluebird houses around throughout the yard, and each have about 2 or 3 families raised each spring and early summer.)

I enjoy having them around. They're fun to watch and they eat bugs. I think they just tolerate us because the houses are such prime real estate :D They don't appreciate anyone hanging out around their homes, but sometimes it's necessary. They always show their displeasure by dive bombing me. I snapped a couple of shots as they went in and out of their home. They are so darn cute!

Well, it's back to Etsy. I need to list one more scarf. It's actually a relist. She is a silk and wool blend scarf that is a great mix of blues. Plus, she's on sale!

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