Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yes, I'm Cranky . . . but aren't the autum silks so pretty . . .

Another late night . . . and my allergies are killing me! I so want to crawl into bed and drift into dreamland, but I have to stay (at least) semi-upright so I can continue to breathe. It makes me so miserable and cranky. A little bit of shaky juice might help ease my attitude, but I have to stick with the cow juice.

The other day, I pulled some of my autumn-themed silks off the steamer. I'm so very pleased with them. I'm sharing three of them here, but one is already spoken for. Yeah! Hope to get them listed on Etsy this week.

The one on the far left is very similar to "Spice It Up" (See September 4th Blog - A Spicy Showing). Only this one is a 22" x 72" (approximately) silk wrap. The other two are very similar in color with all the hues of the autumn rainbow. The colors remind me of the changing seasons. I love a colorful autumn!

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