Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pretty in Paisley

Give me some salt and silk, and I'm happy. Drawing with salt is a tricky endeavor. You have to "draw" quickly and precisely. Your mistakes are usually glaringly obvious. Rarely can you correct it, but you can rethink your design and camouflage it. Plus, you have to know your salt and how detailed it will let you be. I personally enjoy it, especially the challenge of drawing with salt.

Pretty in Paisley is a recent silk. She is a deep and colorful combination of sapphire blue, royal purple, and grape purple. And, of course, she has paisleys all over in varying sizes. And, it goes without saying, the paisleys were drawn with salt!

She is a silk wrap, measuring approximately 2-yards (72") long and 22" wide. Drape her around you like a shawl. Wear her like a scarf. She can also be a mini-sarong and worn as a top or skirt. Get creative and use her as decorative wall art.

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