Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Day of The Month Special

It's the last day of September. The sun is shinning. Yay! There is a slight breeze. The humidity is low. Double YAY!! I'm getting a late start to the day, because I had to make some green salsa first (Mama Ninfa's). Then I had to taste test it. Now, I'm feeling giddy, so I dropped in a happy picture.

So, here is the special. All silk items - even the flubs - will be 15% off today (until midnight eastern time). Here's what you need to do to get your discount:
1. Pick out a lovely silk for yourself or as a gift
2. Add it to your cart and proceed thru Etsy's checkout
3. This one is important: In 'note to seller' put LAST DAY. I like to know where you're coming from :)
4. Now, pay (via PayPal) and I will refund the discount via PayPal. OR, wait and I will send you a revised invoice reflecting the discount. If you are paying via cashier's check/money order, please wait for me to send you the revised invoice.

Not a good enough special? Well then, if you purchase (before shipping) $50 or more, I also will refund the shipping cost! Triple YAY!!!

Guess I should now mention that all my yummy silks are located at

Now for the exceptions. Don't worry it's not bad. Here goes . . . Only completed silk items are included in this sale, meaning custom orders, gift certificates and Silk Addicts Plans are not included. That's it! See, not so bad.

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