Friday, September 25, 2009

Forecast: A Weekend of Steaming

Monday was a pretty day. A little bit of sunshine, not too humid. So, I stretched some silk and painted. Tuesday, the dripping wet humidity (with rain) moved in. The humidity and rain stayed for Wednesday and Thursday because it was obviously having fun. Although, there was a little bit of sunshine Thursday afternoon . . . but still humid. The kind you can cut with a knife.

Humidity (especially the wet kind) is not a friend to silk painting. The silks I painted on Monday were still wet yesterday. Frustrating! Frustrating because that halts the painting and delays the steaming. The photo to the right shows one of the silks -- still wet, of course.

Thankfully, today still has some sunshine and supposedly will be low humidity and cool temps. That means, I'm back in production! I'm staring at a weekend full of steaming and photographing to get 'em ready to sell.

A relaxing weekend is over-rated anyway . . .

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