Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Rant

What a whirlwind the last few days have been! I was completely out of touch with the blog, Etsy and my entire Internet world on Saturday and Sunday. I spent part of Saturday helping my parents in their yard, and when a nice spring storm popped up on Saturday afternoon, I unplugged my all my technology. And, I kept it unplugged all day Sunday. After all, it was Mother's Day . . . plus we were preparing for a family and friends party on the deck. It kinda felt "freeing" to be free of the computer. I knew that Monday morning I would bring a boat load of emails to answer, but I told myself that it could wait. It was Mother's Day.

Monday comes and I drag my tired butt out of bed, and I'm greeted by a rainy, dreary, cool day. Yuk! I want the sunshine and 85 degrees back! NOW!! I spent my entire day being cold, and I hate being cold in the spring.

To make my Monday worse, I plug up my computer and my connection to the outside world and . . . it doesn't work. It seems that my modem has kicked the bucket. It is times like these that I hate technology. My well-planned Monday was quickly turning into an unproductive mess. By early evening, I was back online. All my stressing over this technology glitch did nothing but cause a headache. Now, if I can just not stress about cramming two days worth of work into one day . . .


  1. eeek. I hate annoying tech problems. Good luck!!!

  2. Yuck, I've had replace 2 modems now...I can feel your frustration.